Artificial Intelligence

What’s your Ai Strategy?


We provide artificial intelligence consulting to help organizations implement this technology today. We use machine learning tools and algorithms to help companies develop AI-driven products and solutions. Our team has the knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating Artificial Intelligence solutions within the customer’s business environment.

Online Retail Analytics & CRO

Use Ai to improve conversions and marketing channels to help win new customers for less.

Problem Solving & Business Strategy

Ai helps map the best business strategies for your products or services. Problem Solving intelligence helps ensure that you are making the right decisions.

Customer Predictions

Use predictive AI to perform detailed analysis and make sure that the you’re reaching new clients before the competition.


AI along with our data sets can monitor for your businesses interlectual property, from music to software.


US businesses lose around $750 billion a year alone as a result of poor customer personalisation. Using customer AI Customer Recommendations and Client Personalisation techniques, you won’t be one of them.


Dreamgate uses AI to maximise your customer reach. Using Ai in Lead Generation allows you maximize your marketing ROI.

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