Data Supply

Secure, Reliable, GDPR Compliant data


We turn unstructured content from the web and media into machine-readable data feeds you or your users can consume on demand.

Available Data Supplies

Custom Websites

Convert websites into structured, usable data and organised datasets, which you can integrate quickly and easily into a wide variety of applications or outputs.


Monitor the web, social media, forums and blogs to learn more about your brand, industry and customers.

Filter By Country

Filter your new data by country and region to further analyse your target customer habits and areas of growth.

Social Media Trends

Gain new insights about your customers and your market on social media. Analyse emerging social trends and adjust your strategies to maximise exposure and effectiveness across all platforms.

Job Marketplace Data

There is over $2 trillion of remote work available each year. Dreamsgate is the only company that independently monitors these remote contracts and job marketplaces.

competitor analysis 

Discover new information about your competitor’s products, pricing, news and positioning to further analyse their strengths and weaknesses. Adjust your strategy to capitalise on these valuable insights.

Prospect Search

Use Dreamgate’s Prospect Search to find new market opportunities before anybody else. Build quality lists of targeted clients with ease and market your product effectively.

Custom News FEEDS

Read, gather and organise the newly compiled data from a wide range of feeds and publications worldwide to better understand your product and marketplace.

Dark Web Data

Scan not-for-public information, messaging platforms and deep marketplaces to get access to hidden data and trends on the dark web.

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