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Last month Dreamsgate indexed more than 250,000 projects worth over $50bn


There is over $2 trillion of remote work available each year. Dreamsgate is the only company that independently monitors the remote contracts & job marketplaces to help you win more business.

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It’s impossible for any one person or team of people to monitor the entire web on a daily basis. Dreamsgate works 24/7 to find you new work and clients.

Find Better Clients

By monitoring the web through various sources, Dreamsgate brings you the information you need to succeed in winning better clients.

Find Work Socially

Dreamsgate monitors social platforms to find people looking for your services on platforms including Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

Finding Better Work

Dreamsgate indexes over 10,000 sources including career pages, tenders, marketplaces and many more in order to find the best opportunities for you.

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    Add Your Search Criteria 

    Contact Dreamsgate with your criteria and we will help select your search preferences and show you whats in your market.

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    Dreamsgate Starts Searching

    Dreamsgate then scans over ten thousand sources of data and compiles your results, creating a feed of new work opportunities all updated 24/7.

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    Apply Directly, no commisions.

    Use your personalised results to win more business. Dreamsgate won’t take commissions for any of the projects you win.

Powered by technology. Enhanced by experts.

“Its just not possible to monitor 1000’s of sites for jobs & projects without machine help. Dreamsgate is the only solution that truly addresses this issue and couples it with people power to ensure quality results”

Tailored Results. Specific to You.

Dreamsgate scours the web, social media, news feeds and more for jobs and project data relevant to you.


Choose the locations you want to include and exclude so that you only find clients in the right areas.

Source Filtering

Dreamsgate indexes from thousands of sources – just select the ones that work for you.

By Value

Control the value of which projects you see e.g. ‘only collect data on projects (eg.) worth over a $10,000 or $80 per hour rate.

Dreamsgate likes what you like

A feedback loop of finding projects that you want ensures further accuracy. We adapt campaigns where needed to ensure quality at all stages.

Keyword Filtering

Use keywords to influence results and add new search terms. You can now also exclude terms you don’t want.

Growing Sources

Each week Dreamsgate adds to the ever-growing database of indexed sources. This means that you’ll have a constant and high-quality stream of new opportunities some from resources you didn’t know exist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dreamsgate charge commissions on work found?

No, Dreamsgate never charges or gets involved with contracts and projects found on the platform.

What if I am not happy with the service?

No problem, just message one of our customer service team from your account and we will refund your subscription.

What is Dreamsgate Job Markets?

Dreamsgate makes finding new clients easier by constantly searching for new contracts and bringing them to your attention.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No, you can use Dreamsgate as much or as little as you require.

How long is it before my account goes live?

Generally all accounts go live within 24 hours but please allow up to 48 hours. 

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